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Neymar: ‘I don’t care about criticism’

(Rio de Janeiro, brpress) - ”I have already received loads of critics and I am used to it. It has been happening in my life for a long time”, said Neymar after winning to Denmark despite Brazil’s bad performance.

(Rio de Janeiro, brpress) – Captain Neymar is not happy with the criticism that has spread across social media, the Brazilian media and all over Rio 2016. In a later interview at the dawn of this Thursday, the Brazilian male football team captain talked to a selected group of journalists regarding the bad performance of the Brazilian football team at the Olympics. “I am very upset with all the things people are saying about us. Instead, they should support us”.

Neymar decided to open up after the match against Denmark. The Rio 2016 host county team finally won (4×0) and has garanteed classification in the quarter finals in the Olympics. ”I have already received loads of critics and I am used to it. It has been happening in my life for a long time. But I do not care”, the star said. For the good or the worst, Neymar words reached social media with more irony from the fans, since he hasn’t scored a single goal yet playing for the Olympic Team.  

Still no good

The “desencantamento” (“disenchantment” in free English translation, meaning that the “spell”has been broken) pf the Brazilian male football team was highly celebrated by journalists but it hasn’t apparently cheered up the fans. On social media, Brazilians are cheering the female Brazilian football team as their new heroes and telling the male players and specially Neymar to “play as a woman”. Sexist or not, the comments reflect how angry and disappointed people are with huge payed players that do “nothing to win”.

For Neymar this is absolute not true. “We are happy with the results against Denmark. We fought on this game as much as we did on the previous ones but unfortunately the good results hadn’t come as we wish”, Neymar said. “Tonight we did the same, but more secure and calm. We are not as lost as people are acusing us”.  

According to Milton Neves, one of the most regarded football journalists in Brazil, Luan was the best player of the team against “the horrible” Denmark. “Neymar was not that bad though he was much more confident and apparently in a better mood”, highlighted Neves. 

Also the fact that Neymar talked to the press only after winning from Denmark is been considering another “mascarado” (“masked” meaning something like poker face) attitude.“Neymar should train more and be fit”, it was read on social media comments on the match. “Instead of spending R$ 350 (circa US$ 111) in a bottle of champagne he should pay a fitness club”. Neymar left the Fonte Nova stadium pitch limping due to a twist on his right ankle. But he hasn’t been replaced and kept playing until the end of the match. 

Coach Rogério Micale said Neymar will play against Colombia on Saturday, in Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo, at 10PM (Brasilia time). It will be a decisive game since Brazil lost Neymar in a match against Colombia at the World Cup in 2014 – also in the quarter finals. The captain was kicked at his back by Colombian Zuñiga and the injury left him out of the WC. Traumatising. 

The real trauma, however, was yet to come: on the semifinal the worst ever performance of the Brazilian football happened: 7×1 to Germany.