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Pelé expressed the willing to attend the closing ceremonyPelé expressed the willing to attend the closing ceremony

Pelé might attend the closing ceremony

(Rio de Janeiro, brpress) - On his Twitter, the former champion announced he is doing physiotherapy and that he hopes to be able to go to Maracanã to the closing ceremony on August 21st. 

(Rio de Janeiro, brpress) – Pelé might not have been able to attend the Rio 2016 opening ceremony but this week, the King of Football expressed the willing to attend the closing ceremony, on August 21st. Many Brazilians and fans all over the world were quite disappointed when Pelé declined to light the Olympic Pyre due to physical problems. The star has been recovering from two surgeries on the hips. 

Pelé played in Kolkata, India, recently and is preparing for a UK tour in September, in Scotland, Bolton and Leeds []. On his Twitter, the former champion announced he is doing physiotherapy and that he hopes to be able to go to Maracanã to the closing ceremony. Actually it would be a manner to repair any uncomfortable feelings among Rio 2016 organisers. Pelé was largely criticised for not having managed to attend the opening ceremony.


Some media sources were suggesting that Pelé did not took part of the party due to his  sponsorship restrictions. To the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Pelé told that he was meant to cancel a trip in order to attend Rio 2016 opening ceremony. “I have some contracts previously agreed and do have to see if I will be able to postpone it”, Pelé said two nights before the party went on in Rio. 

   The Globo TV, Pelé said that the American group that owns his brand needed to be consulted and that it would be above his willings as a Brazilian citizen. As everyone already know, Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento was not the one who lighted the Pyre – this job was left to the legendary ex-marathoner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima. The moment was one of the most beautiful of the party and the organisers were cheered for the last minute choice. 

Cheering for Brazil

Although Pelé haven’t showed up yet at the Rio Olympics, the ex-player is highly active on the Games though his social networks. Apparently he is accompanying the Brazilian football male team quite closer and cheering a lot. He commented on Twitter the expected victory against Denmark, on Wednesday (August, 10th). “We needed to win! Now the opportunity is ours! Let’s continue working towards this long awaited gold medal”! 

In 2018, the three times World Champion and athlete of the 20th century, Pelé will open his new project mixing football and education: Centro de Excelência Pelé Academia de Futebol. The project is a partnership with Brazilian football club Resende, from a homonymous town in Rio de Janeiro state, and it known to be an old dream regarding his worries with Brazilian children – as mentioned where he scores his thousandth goal, in 1969.